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Ebook: I'll Go First

Ebook: I'll Go First

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The Blurred Lines Series Book 3

Joel Richards is loyal to a fault. He would quite literally do anything for his family and friends. So when his best friend, Jeremy, called him from the road to ask for help, Joel didn’t hesitate to jump in and make magic happen. Except, he wasn’t prepared for what his offer to help would include: putting up with Julie Davidson. 

A freelance journalist with a spitfire attitude and a lot of baggage, Julie is not only intimidated by Joel, but intrigued by his Mr. Do-Good nature. Because Julie’s life is a disaster and Joel can’t help himself around her, they find themselves living together after only knowing each other for two weeks. 

Under normal circumstances, a temporary living arrangement might be tolerable. But there’s nothing normal about the way Joel and Julie have met. There’s nothing normal about the time they spend together. And there’s nothing normal about the way they fight with each other. 

Why would they think loving each other would be any different? 

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